When you don’t feel like doing anything.

When you don’t feel like doing anything.

You know those moments when you just want to be lazy, relax and not do what you are supposed to be doing?

Yeah you do. I do too.

It’s ok. We’re in this crazy world together. It’s tough trying to be awesome all the time.

You know what’s even more awesome? When you push through and work through those unmotivated times. When you make a breakthrough just when you thought there was nothing left to…

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It’s not always your way.

It’s not always your way.

Life is strange. You want things to fall into place right? You work hard for something and expect a certain chain of events to just sort of happen.

That makes complete sense doesn’t it? You do “this”. You do “that.” Then “something good” results from them.

Oddly we are always given unique sets of cards to play. We aren’t good card players either. Not in this game.

You just sort of play and hope…

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The Elements of Blogging Audio Book - Introduction

The Elements of Blogging Audio Book – Introduction

This is the beginning of a series of posts that will share my entire book, The Elements of Blogging, on my blog. One chapter at a time. Each chapter post will be accompanied with text as well as the audio version of the chapter. The entire audio book will be completed in this manner, when all the posts are done, the entire audio book will then be available for free as well.

This is technically…

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Prepare your heart before you cast away.

Prepare your heart before you cast away.

If you’re thinking about making a big decision in your life, I’d be the first person to tell you to go for it. I’d also be the first person to start preparing in the best way you can. Not just through skills, knowledge and finance, but through your head and heart.

Starting something new takes courage. The best part about courage is that it gives you more. The more you try, the more you do.


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Things are different than they were.

Things are different than they were.

When you compare your life from now to 10 or 20 years ago, it’s very easy to see the difference. It is obvious people in your life have come and gone. Maybe you live some where else. Maybe you were in school or your kids were still living at home. Maybe you didn’t have kids, but now you do – Congrats if you do! You might be the person that has had quite the career change too.

Change is easy to…

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Love them because you can.

Love them because you can.

This is my friend and house buddy Andrew. I snapped this shot if him last weekend on a drive north. I caught him off guard and her looks a bit annoyed.

I assure you it was a split second reaction. He’s not that kind if guy.

Well… Most of the time. Haha.

I’ve been waking up lately just immediately hugging my house mates.

I don’t know what compels me, but it’s a great feeling.

Love each other…

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Some simple poetry.

Between moments there is life.

The space in which provides a foundation to moments we remember.

The void between memories is forgetful.

Then, a light shines upon it from time to time.

The little things we do. Every day.

The habits we form.

We are who we are because of the void. The habits.

Once we notice, moments arrive and then we forget all over again.

Habits are the breath of our days.We don’t…

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When the going is good, give.

When the going is good, give.

Today is one of those days where things are good. I’ve received good praises for multiple projects at work and I am being given more projects that I enjoy more than the usual work. Good vibes are flowing within me.

When you have great days it’s important to embrace those good vibes.Not only embrace them, but share them. It can be hard to see others having rough days when you are having good days.…

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How to do something that’s never been done before.

How to do something that’s never been done before.

In a world that is saturated with things being constantly created, how do we find originality? How do we do something that has never been done before? It can feel pretty much impossible. We begin to realize that everything we say and do is influenced by something we have seen, heard or felt. This is true for all people. We are influenced by our environments whether we like it or not.

Even famous…

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Music I love - Balmorhea - Stranger

Music I love – Balmorhea – Stranger

I find myself wanting to talk about music and share it with others here on the blog, so this is the beginning of me talking a little more in depth about bands, songs and albums I love. I look forward to sharing the music that I fill my days with in hopes that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Before I begin talking about the album Stranger by Balmorheayou should hit play on the video below and…

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