New little jam in progress.

New little jam in progress.

I’ve always been intimidated to write drum parts, but now I’ve been growing much more comfortable with it. Usually I write guitar first and then add drums, but this time I went with the other route. I sat…

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Understanding Light - A free guide to empower your photography.

Understanding Light – A free guide to empower your photography.

This is something I’ve been wanting to create and share for a while. Since I was asked to lead a small photo workshop recently, I figured it was a good time to make it happen.

Aimed toward beginners, this guide is a quick and easy look at basic facts about light and how you can use different types of light sources to change your images.It’s not super in depth, but just enough to get your cogs…

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We all have something to prove, but what does it mean to you?

We all have something to prove, but what does it mean to you?

As of September 25th 2014 I have published 735 blog posts to my blog. I start posting to this blog on May 21st 2012, so that means 735 posts in 857 days. I only had 2 posts in May of 2012. My rate of publishing got better and more consistent in late 2013 and even more so in 2014.

For 2014, I have published 365 posts alreadyand it’s a number that has resonated with me and made me analyze the…

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My first photography workshop - Showing others the way.

My first photography workshop – Showing others the way.

Recently I was asked to do candid and open ended photography workshop for folks at my church for this saturday. I won’t be having a super fancy outline or agenda for the day, because it will be more of a Q&A type event. I’ll be an open book to those that come. I’m a bit nervous, but I think my excitement to show others how I work and the ways I have learned from others is invigorating to me.


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Focused time. Your time.

Focused time. Your time.

I used to think I had to spend a lot more time on projects, but that was in the beginning. Once I understood the process or mistakes I was making, I realized how much less time and energy I could use to get the same amount of work done. Great work too.

It’s not necessarily a matter of time spent on goals, but a matter of “focused time.”

This is how I’ve been able to get more sleep at night. I…

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Discovering excitement through others.

There is an incredible feeling you can receive when you realize how much you can help another person with something they really care about. As much as we love to satisfy your own desires and goals, when you enable someone else to reach a goal it can give you great joy.

This is a joy that I encourage you to seek when at all possible. I know it can be hard to give up your free time to help others,…

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Organizing your life.

While chaos is beautiful and can bring great creativity into your life, so can an organized space.

It’s been a work in progress for me that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying in my life. One step at a time lets you feel things out and make each next step a better one.

What one thing in your life could be more organized? I bet you’ll love the change.

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Looking for it.

I haven’t been shooting many photos lately.

It’s almost like I’ve lost my groove.

Then again I’ve been investing time in other things. You can only give to do much in a day.

What do you choose to invest in?

Why? Is it worth the investment?

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