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  • The edge of light and life.

    The edge of light and life.

    Have you ever felt like you were on the verge of something pretty great? Like a great change in your life? It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy or the safest route either. It’s almost as if you have to be willing to risk comfort in more ways than you’d like.

    But that’s ok.

    We need to test ourselves.

    It sucks when regret lays heavy upon us.

    The worst part of the verge is that it takes years for…

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    When the sun goes down, it’s reminds us to slow down.

    When the sun goes down, it’s reminds us to slow down.

    Every once in a whole we burn out. Just like daylight.

    Every once in a while we need to slow down and find rest.

    That’s me right now. I’m tired as hell lately. I’m starting to sense my boundaries as I reach new goals.

    Sometimes you just need to sleep. It’s just what I need right now.

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    Traffic jams, accidents and patience.

    Traffic jams, accidents and patience.

    I think that if there is a good test of patience out there, traffic jams is in the top ten. It’s a situation you have no control over. You are wedged between two cars and most of the time you are probably already running late for something. Maybe you thought you’d get to work right on the dot.

    You guessed wrong.

    Keeping a positive attitude is tough.

    Think about this though.

    How do you think the…

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    Reaching windows of opportunity.

    Reaching windows of opportunity.

    There are times when we feel like we just want to have great change in our life. We can see the window, but we might not know where it goes, what it sees or the fresh air it can bring. Maybe it’s not a matter of reaching, but a matter of preparation. We just aren’t ready for that change yet. Life is taking it’s course at the speed of God’s will. As much as we can be impatient, it can teach us…

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    Tangible mail and it’s impact on us personally.

    Tangible mail and it’s impact on us personally.

    I just got home from a long day and I got two things in the mail. My new bike that I ordered online and an Easter card from my parents. The bike was completely devalued as soon as I saw the card.

    It reminded me how much they love me. It reminded me how much they actually think about me. It made me wonder if I spend enough time with them. Do I spend too much time busting my butt for self gain? Are…

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    Travel, movements and seeking a greater self.

    Travel, movements and seeking a greater self.

    It can feel overwhelming to think about your own future. How to save for retirement. What your next career move will be. Financial decisions. Life has so many variables.

    At the same time it can be just the thing we need. Maybe we do need a big change in our life. Maybe we do need to face our fears. Perhaps we should start to sacrifice how much we spoil ourselves to provide room for others.


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    When a door closes, sometimes it never opens again.

    When a door closes, sometimes it never opens again.

    It’s interesting to look back at times in my life and the moments where my life could have taken a different route. Opportunities come and go so often, especially when we create them ourselves. If I would have just went to college far away from home I probably would have ended up dropping out with more debt than I could handle.

    I almost failed out of community college. I’m usually not public…

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    Learning to Embrace.

    When we are in a good season, we can take it for granted. When we are in dark times, we can actually do the same thing.

    As much as I love the great times in my life, I firmly believe that I don’t take them in for what they really are. We don’t appreciate the good times when we are in them. I’m not saying we don’t thoroughly enjoy them, but how often do we stop and be thankful in the middle of all…

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